Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the National Alliance of PDR Technicians?

The NAPDRT is a Non–Profit organization that has been set up to allow individual PDR Technicians to come together to address the problems and issues that are affecting the entire PDR Industry.

The NAPDRT provides a platform for the thousands of individual PDR Technicians to finally have a voice on the critical issues which have up until have been decided by a small handful of companies who claim to lead and to speak for the entire PDR Industry.
Many of these critical decisions are being made without your knowledge or approval, while thousands of Individual PDR Technicians (The Silent Majority) have been left with no voice or input into these issues affecting your daily lives..
Even if you are aware, as an individual you have had no voice in these decisions that are shaping the future of the entire PDR Industry and affecting each individual PDR Technician’s livelihood, your family, and your future

The NAPDRT is a Non-Profit ALLIANCE that allows the voices and rights of the Individual PDR Technicians to be heard, recognized, and protected.

Q: Why should I join the NAPDRT?

Of all the tools that a PDR technician uses to run their small business, the NAPDRT may be one of the most important tools you will ever need.

• The NAPDRT gives the individual PDR technicians a unified voice in the major decisions and direction of the PDR Industry so that we may speak to these issues before they are decided for us.

• The NAPDRT allows us to work together with the Automotive and Insurance Industries to address problems and come up with solutions for the benefit of all.

• The NAPDRT allows its members to harness the buying power of a large organization so that individual PDR Technicians can access discounts on everything from Health care to Hotel discounts.

It is one tool you cannot afford to be without as your business faces the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Q: What are some of the Goals of the NAPDRT?

One of the goals of The National Alliance of PDR Technicians is to adopt a standard of business ethics and practices by its membership that will set a high standard of integrity by its members so that the membership of the NAPDRT can be proud of its positive impact on the PDR Industry.

The NAPDRT will aggressively address issues that the membership deems harmful to the entire PDR industry by exposing Unethical Practices to help raise the level of Integrity for the entire PDR industry.

This vigilance by the NAPDRT will not be limited to PDR Companies and Individual Technicians but it will also take on issues of conduct by entities outside the PDR Industry that are also having a negative impact on the PDR industry as a whole.

Q: What are some of the problems the NAPDRT will be trying to solve?

They say that “a person’s real character is measured by what they do when no one is looking.”
These words of wisdom are especially true for the PDR Industry.
Facing the constant downward pricing pressures and the need to produce a higher production output to make ends meet combined with never ending attempt to the push damage limits using PDR as the method of repair can be an easy excuse for rushed jobs and low quality workmanship.

The NAPDRT believes that a self-policing stance on Quality Workmanship is a vital and necessary part of being pro-active in our industry to address these quality issues before they are decided for us and dictated too us by entities outside of the PDR industry.

The NAPDRT will be looking for solutions to these problems the will help rectify these issues that are having a negative effect on the entire PDR Industry such as:

1. A nationally recognized PDR Technician Certification process such as the Vale National PDR Certification course.

2. A standardized Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) rating system that will reward high quality workmanship.

3. Finding a solution to the economic squeeze that is driving the highly experienced high quality technicians from the industry, while at the same time allowing and encouraging insufficiently trained, inexperienced technicians access to repairs on consumer vehicles with work quality that over time will give the entire PDR industry a black eye.

We need your help and input to find practical answers to these issues as well as other problems facing the industry.

Q: What other benefits will I have access to as a member of the NAPDRT?

Besides providing a voice for the PDR Industry, the NAPDRT will use the collective buying power of its membership to bring discounted benefits such as:
• Health, Dental and Vision Insurance,
• Garage Keepers and Business Insurance,
• Hotel discounts for its members
• Travel discounts on airfare
• .Rental Car discounts for all members and more

But, the National Alliance of PDR Technicians is much more than an organization built to provide its membership with the buying power and benefits that a large organization enjoys -

One of the biggest goals of The NAPDRT is to provide educational tools and opportunities for its membership that will help raise the level of professionalism and conduct of the entire PDR Industry.

The NAPDRT is working hard to bring its membership on-line CEU accredited courses that will address issues such as.

• Insurance and PDR Vendor relations
• Customers Service and Professional Conduct
• Auto Body and PDR Vendor relations
• Business Ethics
• Attaining Proper Business Insurance
• Attaining Proper for City and State, Licensing for Temporary Businesses.
• PDR Estimating Techniques
• PDR Marketing Techniques
• PDR Business Planning

These courses will provide comprehensive instruction accompanied testing on all aspects of the PDR Industry.

The NAPDRT On-line Educational Courses will bring the PDR Industry the most comprehensive and affordable PDR Certification Program in the PDR Industry to date.

Q: Who can join the NAPDRT?

Only Individual PDR Technicians are eligible to join the NAPDRT. Although Larger Companies and Corporate Sponsors are welcomed and encouraged to participate as “Supporters of the NAPDRT” the membership will consist of only individual PDR technicians.

Q: What are the membership rules of the NAPDRT?

1. To become a member of the NAPDRT you must be an individual that derives your income from physically repairing vehicles using PDR as the method of repair.

2. You cannot join the NAPDRT as a Company, a Group or an Employer, you must enter as an individual PDR Technician.

3. To ensure that the NAPDRT membership consists strictly of PDR Technicians, each application will be reviewed to ensure that the information provided in the “Sign Up” area is accurate before membership into the NAPDRT is granted.

4. If the information that has been provided by an individual applying for entrance into the NAPDRT has been determined to be false, the NAPDRT reserves the right to refuse entrance into the organization of the applicant that has provided the NAPDRT the false information. No membership fees will be charged.

5. If an individual has gained membership into the NAPDRT by providing false information on the NAPDRT application, or is found to not be following these rules after becoming a member, the NAPDRT reserves the right to terminate that individual’s membership privileges with a written notice. No refunds.

These rules are in effect to insure the integrity of the NAPDRT Membership. If you are not a practicing PDR Technician and wish to become a “Supporter of the NAPDRT” please us the “Contact Us” area of the forum to find out how to become an NAPDRT supporter.

Q: Who runs the NAPDRT?

The National Alliance of PDR Technicians is a Non-Profit organization that has been set up for PDR Technicians and run by PDR Technicians. During this first year, the founding committee will appoint the officers to run the NAPDRT. These appointments are only temporary until all members of the NAPDRT can hold the first election. At that time the elected officers will assume the responsibility of the operation of the NAPDRT.

Q: Who is eligible to become an officer of the NAPDRT?

Only PDR technicians may hold an office for the NAPDRT. To qualify you must have a solid and verifiable reputation as a quality PDR tech, along with necessary business and management skills needed to represent the NAPDRT. You must also be willing to be part of a team that is dedicated to the betterment of our industry.

Q: Who Elects the NAPDRT Officers?

All active members in good standing of the NAPDRT will be allowed to vote on the officers that will head the NAPDRT.

Q: How long does term last?

Each official term of the elected officers of the NAPDRT will last for a 2-year period. At that time the annual election will be held to elect new officers or re-elect officers that have previously served and wish to serve again for another 2-year term.
The Board of Directors will be elected in a staggered format in order to keep continuity in the leadership roles of the NAPDRT. One Year we will elect a President and Secretary. The next year we will elect the Vice President and Treasurer. This will ensure a smooth transition within the Board of Directors of the NAPDRT.

Q: How often does the NAPDRT meet?

The Official NAPDRT meeting will take place at the site of the Annual “Mobile Tech Expo” each year. All other meetings throughout the year will take place via the Official NAPDRT web-site.

Q: What are the dues to join the NAPDRT?

A Yearly membership fee of $100 dollars will entitle an individual PDR technician and his/her family access to all privileges the NAPDRT has to offer. All proceeds and corporate donations collected by the NAPDRT will used strictly for organizational purposes such as legal and accounting fees, benefit administration fees, Web-site costs and other events that are directly connected to the operation of the NAPDRT. Any additional funds will be used only as directed by the voting members of the NAPDRT.

Q: Will the NAPDRT be used to acquire work for its members?

The NAPDRT is not designed to acquire and dispatch work to its members. It is a Non-profit organization that provides a voice for the individual PDR technicians. However although the NAPDRT will not actively procure work for its membership, it will encourage Consumers, Insurance Companies and Auto Dealerships to use the services of its membership.
No board member will be allowed to directly benefit financially from serving on the board of the NAPDRT.
Past organizations that have tried to unite the independent technician have also tried to accomplish a broad range of goals that often conflicted with each other. NAPDRT has a few specific goals. To educate and unite the individual PDR technicians so we can help determine the direction of our industries future.

Q: How do I become a member of the NAPDRT?

If you wish to become a member of the NAPDRT, Simply go to the sign-up area of this web-site and fill out your application and tell others to visit our web-site and sign up On-line

A yearly membership fee of $100 gives you access to all the NAPDRT has to offer.

Your participation and voice are vitally needed in the NAPDRT at this time to ensure that you and the rest of the thousands of individual PDR technicians across the country will have a voice and a vote in the direction of YOUR industry.
Your membership entitles you to a vote in how NAPDRT will proceed at every level. You will ALWAYS have a say in how you are represented.