Educational Opportunities for NAPDRT Members

The National Alliance of PDR Technicians is much more than an organization built to provide its membership with the buying power and benefits that a large organization enjoys -

One of the biggest goals of The NAPDRT is to provide educational tools and opportunities for its membership that will help raise the level of professionalism and conduct of the entire PDR Industry.

The NAPDRT is working hard to bring its membership on-line CEU accredited courses that will address issues such as.

• Insurance and PDR Vendor relations
• Customers Service and Professional Conduct
• Auto Body and PDR Vendor relations
• Business Ethics
• Attaining Proper Business Insurance
• Attaining Proper for City and State, Licensing for Temporary Businesses.
• PDR Estimating Techniques
• PDR Marketing Techniques
• PDR Business Planning

These online courses will provide comprehensive instruction accompanied by on-line testing on all aspects of the PDR Industry.

The NAPDRT On-line Educational Program combined with the Vale National PDR Certification Course will bring the PDR Industry the most comprehensive and affordable PDR Certification Program in the PDR Industry.