About Us

The Founding Members of the National Alliance of PDR Technicians would like to state “For the Record” that the NAPDRT is not “About Us”
It’s ABOUT YOU -- the Individual PDR Technician!
We would like to start by explaining what the NAPDRT is not ---

The NAPDRT is not a “Good Old Boys Club” disguised as a legitimate organization that provides lip service to the Insurance, Auto Body and PDR Industries while it rewards the few founding members.

The NAPDRT is not an organization that elects figureheads controlled by outside influences that appear to run the organization while the actual power never leaves the organizations administrative control. Elected officers are chosen by the membership for a set period of time. These officers are in control of the direction the association takes as long as it coincides with the NAPDRT mission statement, and the vote of the membership of NAPDRT.

The NAPDRT IS an organization that is built specifically on behalf of individual PDR Technicians, for the benefit of the individual PDR Technicians and is run by individual PDR Technicians for the good of the entire PDR Industry.

The NAPDRT started as a vision of a handful of individuals within the PDR Industry that realized the importance of having an organization where individual PDR Technicians in all facets of the PDR business can come together to discuss topics and form solutions to problems that are directly affecting the entire PDR industry as well as each individual PDR Technician’s livelihood.

The people involved soon realized that input was needed from other fields related to PDR.
Soon we had a pool of a dozen individuals with diverse backgrounds to add their experience to help form the basis of an organization that is desperately needed at this critical point in time, in the evolution of the PDR Industry.

These founding members all have one primary goal in common, to unite, educate, and allow the Silent Majority of PDR Technicians to come together to help move the PDR Industry in directions that are positive and beneficial to the end users of the PDR process as well as the PDR industry as a whole.

The words Unity, Quality, Integrity and Education are not just words of a slogan,
They are the very foundation of the NAPDRT.

This is YOUR organization, we invite you to actively participate and enjoy the benefits of the NAPDRT as we work together to help shape the future of the PDR Industry.